For all private events there are options you have.  The first option is the blackjack table where you can have a stand up or a sit down version.  The second option you have is the way the prizes are given out. We will come prepared to handle the prizes any way you like, but the typical two ways to handle the prizes are 1. The top winners, or 2. Raffle Tickets where each guest will get raffle tickets for their casino chips and everyone has a chance to win a prize. The third option available to you, though most do not take it, is to have some of your guests take turns being the dealers for the easy games such as blackjack where we teach them the tricks of the trade and you save the cost of our dealer.

Wedding Receptions:  A wedding is a special event and we do not want to take away from the reason the guests are there.  The idea behind having casino tables is to entertain the approximate 25 percent of the guests who do not dance, and we will shut the tables down at the appropriate times such as the first dance.

Bar Mitzvah:  The Bar Mitzvah is another special event and you can have all the guests play the casino games or just the guest of honor and his friends.  The main thing to remember is it is HIS party and he should have the games he likes.  Also we do not usually have the craps table at these events because it is hard enough for an adult to learn let alone a teenager.

Project Graduation and After Prom Events:  You can have all the different games at these events and very popular are the blackjack and poker tables, however, our all time high winner was a your lady who played craps turning her $1000 funny money into $107,000 in chips. There are no guiding principles at these events, just have fun and keep everyone entertained.

Company Party:  This is great event because the guests are having so much fun at the casino tables they do not "talk shop".  The main thing for these events is knowing if you are going to have a formal sit down meal or food stations where the guests can play and eat as they desire.  If you are going to have a formal sit down meal you probably will need more casino tables than is normal.  If you recall the standard event uses up to 70 percent capacity, but for sit down meals and the presentations that usually follow the guests do not have much time remaining to play the games, and they all go to the tables at the same time.  One of our clients needs 95 percent capacity for this reason.

Holiday or End of Year Parties:  Many companies have an end of the year party at a venue where the space available is usually not a problem, so you can feel confident in having any casino game you would like.  For individual holiday parties they usually take place in a home where space is a concern so we need to work with you in determining which casino tables will fit, but initially tell us what games you would like to have. 

Fund Raisers: Fund Raisers are a completely different thing because money is involved which makes it gambling, so the company you hire needs to know the laws and guide you to ensure you do not get in trouble.  Just keep in mind that gambling is not legal unless you meet the gambling law exceptions for each State.  We will go over the specifics for each State, but first let's talk about how the typical casino night fund raiser is conducted.  The most important thing for the fund raiser is to pre-sell their tickets to the event, otherwise you do not know how many casino tables to have.  Other important questions you ask any company is the cancellation policy and/or reducing the number of casino tables from the contract because your guest count is not what you expected.  The "good" casino companies understand they must work with a fund raiser and do everything needed to ensure your event is successful, and that means reducing the number of tables with no penalty if you guest count is not as expected.  Trust us, we have heard some amazing stories where a casino company keeps your money and allows you 6 months to re-book the event - now how is that fair to a fund raiser?  This is what we mean when we say the "good" companies know how to work with a fundraiser.  On our fundraiser contracts we include a statement which essentially informs you that even though you are signing a contract for specific casino tables and dealers, you may need to delete some casino tables which will lower the total cost.  We do this for you as a protection because you do not know how many guests will attend.

During the actual event the typical fund raiser when a guest checks in you do not actually give them casino chips, you give them vouchers because they will mingle, get a drink, and we do not want to weigh them down with casino chips.  Normally you give the guest a voucher for some chips just for attending the event, but if they want more and are willing to make another donation we will give them many more casino chips at a great ratio.  At the end of the event the dealers cash out the guests casino chips for raffle tickets which they use to possibly win a prize.

Now let's discuss the Fund Raiser differences (The Law) for each State to keep you legal.

     New Jersey:  This the friendliest State to the Fund Raiser because the casino night fund raiser is legal as long as you follow the rules which is you must hire a licensed equipment provider, you must have a registration number with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission, and every dealer must have a license.  It sounds like a lot but it is a simple process.  You can have any casino game and the dealers will ensure the game is run according to the State laws.  The Pit Boss will be your contact should a State representative come to the event.  Every one of the State representatives are good people who want to help you, they do not show up to issue fines, they just want to make sure everything is being done according to the law.  Our Pit Boss has a great reputation with the representatives and will guide you how to have everything prepared and presented to them should they come.  

     Pennsylvania:  This is another great State that wants to help a fund raiser, unfortunately the casino night fund raiser being conducted the "normal way" is not legal.  There are two Pennsylvania State Police Officers who have created a fantastic power point presentation to help guide a fund raiser in the ways to change how the event is conducted to make it legal.  So the final answer is Yes, you can have a casino night fund raiser in Pennsylvania as long as we eliminate one of the three elements of gambling.  Again, this is what we meant earlier how the "good" companies know the law and are able to guide you and keep everything legal so you do not get in trouble.  If a casino company does not offer to explain how the games must be changed in Pennsylvania they probably do not know the law, so be careful in that case.

     Delaware:  Another great State to hold a casino night fundraiser.  Unfortunately for the residents of Delaware the State decided in 2013 to require each casino company to obtain a license which is very expensive and there is not enough business in the State to justify obtaining the license, so most casino companies did not get the license, but this does not mean we can not help you, it means we have to run the games just like Pennsylvania where we eliminate one of the three elements of gambling.  For licensed events in Delaware keep in mind that you are NOT allowed to have the games of craps or roulette - it is illegal to have those games.

The differences needed for each type of event

The typical casino party would be a Birthday, Graduation, Holiday, and Company Party.  We will guide you in picking the casino tables appropriate for your event using some rules of thumb which are that men play craps, women play roulette, and everyone plays blackjack.  Obviously there are women that play craps but you will find the table mostly with men, and the opposite is found at the roulette table. The next rule of thumb is to have a range of 50-70 percent of the guests able to play at the same time. If you have 100 or less guests you should be around the 70 percent capacity level, and as your guest count get's larger you can reduce the capacity, but try not to go below 50 percent capacity or you may have some guests that want to play but are unable.  All these rules of thumb get you to a starting point from which you will modify the casino table mix for reasons such as the venue space available, if you want different types of games, and your budget because you have other expenses for the night.

Next comes the funny money which we create for you and there is no charge.  We get a photo of the guest of honor or a company logo and we put it on a $1000 bill.  Your guests will initially put it in their pocket and mingle but when they are ready to play, they give the funny money to the dealer to get their chips.  At the end of the evening you should have a small gift or two for the top winners because it will keep everyone involved to the end just to see who won.

The Standard CASINO party

There are many types of casino parties such as Birthdays, Office Parties, Holiday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Graduations, and Fund Raisers, to name a few.  Most of the events are similar in how they are conducted, but we will explain the differences that are needed for the different types of events.


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